For things to change, first I must change

Salon Consultants International Inc. was created to answer a call

for help within the professional beauty industry. With systems

and processes built on a model of servant leadership vs.

management, our consulting services have been integral in

impacting change in hundreds of salons across North America.


For SCII, understanding the needs of the industry comes from

over 34 years of experience as salon owners and consultants.

Faced with the typical challenges of low morale, poor results,

high turnover and ineffective client retention, the company's

founder, Peter Mahoney, made a decision to create best in class

strategies to shift the attitude and results within salon organizations.


SCII is one of the most respected salon consulting companies

in North America, providing high impact business consulting,

executive coaching, leadership development, and financial

services to companies operating in all facets of the professional

beauty industry.  Call or email today for a free consultation to assess

your needs.


The learning in this journey combined with a passion to help others

fulfill their dreams has evolved into an industry leading consulting

company addressing today’s demanding needs of salon owners,

manufacturers and distributors.